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Event The Agents of Ender - World Event

It's been over a week since the Agents of Ender have been known to us. We've been studying, watching, and waiting to make our move; now is the time. We must recruit everyone we can, or else we'll never get to see our loved ones again. That blasted portal. How could we have trusted them, not knowing anything about them, or how they even got here. We need to take down the portal, but to do that, we have to get to it...
This week, we need your help

As the Agents of End draw closer to the outerlands, the criers have come together to have Lt. Dan hear their plea for help, and they have a plan.

Upon logging in, go speak with Lt. Dan by the giant end portal in spawn. He's been informed that the criers, a mysterious bunch of mages, have requested lots, and lots, and lots of iron to help them construct a big enough drill to go straight through the barrier; about 250,000 will be enough! Don't worry though, Lt. Dan has been granted permission to give you some helpful items for helping them out!


Over the course of the next 10 weeks, you will be asked to turn in various materials, or do various tasks to bring down the borders leading to the center of the world. There are 10 barriers in all, and every week one of them will fall by our hands.

To earn rewards this week, you'll need to turn in iron. Lots of iron. And how many is lots? 15,000. Lots!

Progression is based both on server, and personal turn-ins though; meaning, you won't be the only one turning in iron - after all, Lt. Dan did ask for a total of 250,000 iron to help the criers out.


There are 5 main awards that Lt. Dan has for you this week!
  • 20% progress - 1,000 event tokens
  • 40% progress - A land deed
  • 60% progress - 3% permanent progression increase
  • 80% progress - Agent of Justice hat
  • 100% progress - A bundle of souls
Every stack of iron ingots you turn in, you are awarded 16 event tokens

Rewards are based on how much iron you have turned in this week and on how much iron was turned in by the server. So, let's say that you turned in a total of 15,000 iron ingots this week, and the server turned in 200,000, that means that you would be eligible for 100% of the rewards, but since the server didn't make it to 100% progression you would only get 80% of the rewards - so it's important for everyone to be working together to meet the 100% goal for the server!

All rewards will be handed out next week at the weekly reset!

Hopefully, together, we can banish the Agents of Ender from our world.

Make sure to read this weeks patch notes to stay up to date!
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