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Greetings heroes, we come to you again in need of aid!
The iron you turned in the past few weeks has been delivered to our smiths to begin being forged.
But not everyone can move effectively in plate armor.
Do you think you can scrounge up some scutes for us this week?

The barriers surrounding the world are getting weaker, but please be careful as the normal monsters seem to be growing in strength.


Last week we had a lot of roadblocks thrown in our way by real life agents, and have been doing battle with them as we went. As such we had to tweak the rewards instead of pushing the event out again, but we think you will be happy with them anyway. We have also tried to set a more achievable goal for this coming event.

Last week's actual rewards from Thievin' LT. Dan:
20% progress - 2,000 event tokens
40% progress - a 27 slot backpack
60% progress - 3 empty, and 3 filled XP vessels
80% progress - 5 teleportation crystals!
100% progress - A claim size increase (Don't worry, this shouldn't increase the cost of buying any deeds from the shop.)

If your inventory was full, it will be in your enderchest. If that was full, c'mon man clear up some room! You have been flagged and can contact a staff member to get the rewards given to you when you have room.

Next week's rewards are still being decided upon, we will try to have those ready for you by this coming Tuesday (11/24/2020). Next reset is scheduled for 11/28/2020

Good luck, and god speed.
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