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Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/8/20

Hey guys! It's been a week of a week over here in adriftusland, and we mined up some more content for you folks from the content mines!

  • Fixed mobs spawning inside claims, and not being levelled correctly.
  • More code modernization.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to equip/consume things while talking to NPC's.
  • Added Scutes back to the market vendors.
  • Fixed Blaze Powder being listed in the market twice.
  • Fixed some bot stuff on our back end.
  • Fixed levelled mobs not spawning if another mob was nearby.
  • Fixed a bug where food crates could not be opened.

  • Souls now drop from mythicmobs in the savage lands!
  • NPC's can now be left clicked as well as right clicked to open menus!

As usual please be sure to hit up the GitHub issues page if there's anything broken, or that you would like to see us add!
Shoutout to Acosha for their huge help with finding bugs for me to stomp on this week!

Soul item example:


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