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Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/22/20

Heres your notes!

  • Fixed an error with souls not dropping correctly.
  • Fixed improper typecase in some claims menus.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles could kill entities in claims they weren't supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug where infused items would no longer show enchantments.
  • Fixed a bug causing some monsters to not have the correct max health.
  • The world event no longer shows honey related items for turn in criteria.
  • Fixed lighting on custom items to show the coloring correctly.
  • Code modernizations on our back end (Boy do we seem to have a lot of old code.)
  • Fixed Zombies having the wrong name again.

  • Souls now have their own animated items!
  • The second tier of XP vessles (160XP, LV 0-10) is now live!
  • XP Vessels (filled and unfilled) now have their own model!
  • New legendary item, "Ole Bill's Whoopin' Stick" (See below for picture.)

  • Increased soul drop rate.

Content may slow down over the next week or so due to a big code rewrite that is going to be happening, and the holidays. Stay warm and safe folks!
As usual please be sure to hit up the GitHub issues page if there's anything broken, or that you would like to see us add!



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