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Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/15/20

Well, its that time of the week again folks!

  • Fixed mob spawning crashing the server all willy nilly
  • More code modernizations on the back end.
  • Reduced spam from interacting with entities in claims
  • Fixed the "Cosmetic Shop" claiming it was the "Mystery Shop"
  • Fixed players interacting with the upcoming vote crate chests
  • Fixed Title Voucher script conflicts
  • Fixed the parkour master occasionally firing his speech twice
  • Removed duplicate "Hub1" head from /play
  • Fixed /play <server> not sending players to the server.
  • Fixed souls dropping from mobs not slain by players.
  • Slapped around Mr. STONKS to shut him up a little bit more.
  • Fixed parkour checkpoints not triggering if a player falls
  • Fixed parkour teleportation in between levels
  • Fixed parkour teleportation at the end
  • Fixed mobs spawning with more health than intended.

  • Parkour can now be completed in spawn. I know a lot of this was in fixes, but it was basically nonfunctional before, so it's kind of both?
  • Claims are now allowed in the nether!
  • Warps are now allowed in claims in the nether!
  • Graves are now mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Parkour now announces how long it took you to complete it!
  • Adjusted movement speed on souls.
  • Adjusted soul drop rates a few times to account for the lower number of soul combinations.
  • Removed some titles that were potentially offensive
  • Changed "Hub1"s name to Hub
  • Pried Sniper Rifles out of Skeleton's cold dead hands. They now fire arrows at a reasonable speed.
  • /play now has spiffed up heads for each server.
  • Sped up the mob adjusting script a bit
  • Changed the amount required for the world event. (500/5000->1200->15000)
  • Increased value of kills by 1 to allow level 0 mobs to give 1 point of credit for the world event.
  • Updated the tutorial to reflect that leveled mobs do spawn in the outer realms. Originally the plan was to remove them but players have requested they stay.

Content may slow down over the next week or so due to a big code rewrite that is going to be happening, and the holidays. Stay warm and safe folks!
As usual please be sure to hit up the GitHub issues page if there's anything broken, or that you would like to see us add!


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