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Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/1/20

Oh boy oh boy, this has been a busy week let me tell you folks, I'll jump right to it, because I'm already running a bit behind.

  • Added a lot of safeties to things.
  • Updated a significant amount of code on the back end to be more modern.
  • Optimized the resource pack to be about 25% smaller.
  • Lots of prep work for some big upcoming features that I can't quite talk about just yet.

  • Custom Foods now have varying effects from their base item.
  • Custom Models for foods and stuff
  • Legendary items?!?! These are secret for now until people start finding them in the world. I'll post notes on them below.
  • Food Crates! These crates will give you 5 random custom food items.
  • Head Chooser Tokens! Item that lets you get decorative player heads! There's something crazy like 30k options. Sometimes pictures just won't do. I've posted a video in discord for it.

As usual please be sure to hit up the GitHub issues page if there's anything broken, or that you would like to see us add!

Legendary items:



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