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Patch Notes Patch notes for 11/24/20

Heya heya folks, just a quick one this week.

  • Favorite warps should in theory work now
  • Fixed coloring on a few commands
  • Fixed a few items showing enchantments that shouldnt have been showing.
  • Honestly, this week was a ton of weird internal stuff and modernizing code. If you're a real wonk you can look at our github, not gonna bore the rest of ya with stuff.

  • More custom food!
  • We've got berry pie, apple pie, honey buns, carrot cake, beef stew, mutton stew.

  • Removed scutes from the market, because someone forgot they were sold there when designing the event. (Name rhymes with Shmevin) It will be back when the event is over.
  • Added some staff bypass stuff whee!
  • Fixed zombies renaming themselves to weird stuff
  • Fixed skeletons shooting a bunch of weird arrows before they are intended to do so.

Oh yeah, I added rewards to the week 2 event post.
Anyway, heres a picture of a giraffe.


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