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Patch Notes Patch machine go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

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Hi there, I'm filling in for a moment because we had some things that needed to get pushed. Me dev and write gud words.
  • Lots of internal tags and flag changes/fixes to hopefully fix stuff on our side.
  • Removed references to an invalid command
  • Fixed players discovering all the recipes we had even if they hadn't already been unlocked.
  • Fixed some errors with the butler script, hopefully we have him finished soon!
  • Made the stonks broker shop approximately 97% quieter
  • Slowed mob spawns some so players aren't absolutely drowned in mobs.
  • Fixed a lot of water based and item frame interaction events.
  • Updated geyser to play on your device anywhere anytime!11!!1!11!!
  • Rejecting/failing to download the resource pack should no longer kick a player!
  • Scutes now drop from turtles when you kill them with a looting enchantment. This is important for uh reasons and stuff.
  • You can now bottle exp! You will need a vessel though. Try playing around with gold and glass bottles.
  • Added actionbar to restart timer warnings
  • Made it so that players will be returned to survival upon a server restart completing.
  • Figured out how to send a player back to their claim if they have lost it. Please contact me if you need occasional help to do so.
Hotfixes from the previous week:
  • Fixed adding yourself to your own claim
  • Removed an enderchest restriction
  • Updated to 1.16.4
Gonna go hide back in my cave before Devin realizes I escaped! As usual smash that like and subscribe, and yell at us on GitHub if we dun goofed.


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.

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