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  1. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/22/20

    Heres your notes! Fixes: Fixed an error with souls not dropping correctly. Fixed improper typecase in some claims menus. Fixed an issue where projectiles could kill entities in claims they weren't supposed to. Fixed a bug where infused items would no longer show enchantments. Fixed a bug...
  2. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/15/20

    Well, its that time of the week again folks! Fixes: Fixed mob spawning crashing the server all willy nilly More code modernizations on the back end. Reduced spam from interacting with entities in claims Fixed the "Cosmetic Shop" claiming it was the "Mystery Shop" Fixed players interacting with...
  3. Eutherin


    This weeks requirements: Go kill leveled mobs! Mobs level 1 and higher will give you credit per level of mob that is killed. Rewards you can earn this week from LT. Dan: 20% progress - 1,000 event tokens 40% progress - 2 food crates and 1 large XP vessel 60% progress - A daily vote key...
  4. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/8/20

    Hey guys! It's been a week of a week over here in adriftusland, and we mined up some more content for you folks from the content mines! Fixes: Fixed mobs spawning inside claims, and not being levelled correctly. More code modernization. Fixed a bug causing players to equip/consume things while...
  5. Eutherin


    Reward Distribution update: We've reworked how rewards are distributed. Previously any and all rewards were tied to the full server progress. I didn't think that was exactly fair. It has been adjusted so that only the most powerful reward is locked behind full server progress. The token shop is...
  6. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch notes for 12/1/20

    Oh boy oh boy, this has been a busy week let me tell you folks, I'll jump right to it, because I'm already running a bit behind. Fixes: Added a lot of safeties to things. Updated a significant amount of code on the back end to be more modern. Optimized the resource pack to be about 25%...
  7. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch notes for 11/24/20

    Heya heya folks, just a quick one this week. Fixes: Favorite warps should in theory work now Fixed coloring on a few commands Fixed a few items showing enchantments that shouldnt have been showing. Honestly, this week was a ton of weird internal stuff and modernizing code. If you're a real...
  8. Eutherin


    Rewards: Last week we had a lot of roadblocks thrown in our way by real life agents, and have been doing battle with them as we went. As such we had to tweak the rewards instead of pushing the event out again, but we think you will be happy with them anyway. We have also tried to set a more...
  9. Eutherin

    Patch Notes Patch machine go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

    Hi there, I'm filling in for a moment because we had some things that needed to get pushed. Me dev and write gud words. Fixes: Lots of internal tags and flag changes/fixes to hopefully fix stuff on our side. Removed references to an invalid command Fixed players discovering all the recipes we...