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    Event Agents of Ender, World Event, week 1.5

    Last week, you were asked to turn in Iron. Lots of iron. Unfortunately, the server didn't meet the 100% progress mark; However, that wasn't the server's fault - Last week we hotfixed a bug that was resulting in the spawn rates of all mobs to be 1/5 of the intended rates. To make sure that...
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    Patch Notes Patch notes - 10/11/2020

    Last weeks hot fixes: Disbanding groups now gives a confirmation message before disbanding RTP no longer murders people who are on cooldown from a previous teleport Fixed an issue with Grappling hooks being fully borked Cosmetics now cost money, and the shop keepers thank us Fixed an issue...
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    Event The Agents of Ender - World Event

    This week, we need your help As the Agents of End draw closer to the outerlands, the criers have come together to have Lt. Dan hear their plea for help, and they have a plan. Upon logging in, go speak with Lt. Dan by the giant end portal in spawn. He's been informed that the criers, a...
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    Patch Notes Patch notes - 03/11/2020

    Last weeks hot fixes: Fixed an issue with the /pay command being able to take money from people and put them into more debt than the US has Fixed an issue with a duplication glitch that occurred when placing a backpack and opening it at the same time Added birch planks to the stonks shop...
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    Patch Notes Patch notes - 27/10/2020

    Well hello there! Funny to see you here, person reading this. I assume you're here because someone told you that we wrote patch notes and released them on Tuesdays? Ha! Well, that person was totally right! First off, let's talk about the world event The Agents of Ender, world event: I'll...