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Patch Notes Patch notes for 11/24/20

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Heya heya folks, just a quick one this week.

  • Favorite warps should in theory work now
  • Fixed coloring on a few commands
  • Fixed a few items showing enchantments that shouldnt have been showing.
  • Honestly, this week was a ton of weird internal stuff and modernizing code. If you're a real wonk you can look at our github, not gonna bore the rest of ya with stuff.

  • More custom food!
  • We've got berry pie, apple pie, honey buns, carrot cake, beef stew, mutton stew.

  • Removed scutes from the market, because someone forgot they were sold there when designing the event. (Name rhymes with Shmevin) It will be back when the event is over.
  • Added some staff bypass stuff whee!
  • Fixed zombies renaming themselves to weird stuff
  • Fixed skeletons shooting a bunch of weird arrows before they are intended to do so.

Oh yeah, I added rewards to...


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Greetings heroes, we come to you again in need of aid!
The iron you turned in the past few weeks has been delivered to our smiths to begin being forged.
But not everyone can move effectively in plate armor.
Do you think you can scrounge up some scutes for us this week?

The barriers surrounding the world are getting weaker, but please be careful as the normal monsters seem to be growing in strength.

Last week we had a lot of roadblocks thrown in our way by real life agents, and have been doing battle with them as we went. As such we had to tweak the rewards instead of pushing the event out again, but we think you will be happy with them anyway. We have also tried to set a more achievable goal for this coming event.

Last week's actual rewards from Thievin' LT. Dan:
20% progress - 2,000 event tokens
40% progress - a 27 slot backpack
60% progress - 3 empty, and 3 filled XP vessels
80% progress - 5 teleportation crystals!
100% progress - A claim...

Patch Notes Patch machine go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

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Hi there, I'm filling in for a moment because we had some things that needed to get pushed. Me dev and write gud words.
  • Lots of internal tags and flag changes/fixes to hopefully fix stuff on our side.
  • Removed references to an invalid command
  • Fixed players discovering all the recipes we had even if they hadn't already been unlocked.
  • Fixed some errors with the butler script, hopefully we have him finished soon!
  • Made the stonks broker shop approximately 97% quieter
  • Slowed mob spawns some so players aren't absolutely drowned in mobs.
  • Fixed a lot of water based and item frame interaction events.
  • Updated geyser to play on your device anywhere anytime!11!!1!11!!
  • Rejecting/failing to download the resource pack should no longer kick a player!
  • Scutes now drop from turtles when you kill them with a looting enchantment. This is important for uh reasons and stuff.
  • You can now bottle exp! You will need a vessel though. Try...

Event Agents of Ender, World Event, week 1.5

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The Agents... They're too strong. It's hopeless... Without a savior, we'll never see them again...
Last week, you were asked to turn in Iron. Lots of iron. Unfortunately, the server didn't meet the 100% progress mark; However, that wasn't the server's fault - Last week we hotfixed a bug that was resulting in the spawn rates of all mobs to be 1/5 of the intended rates.

To make sure that everything is fair game, we're extending the first week of the event by another week. Rewards will remain the same, and any iron turned in after your personal, and server 100% marks will continue to give event tokens. Due to this extension, if both you and the server hit 100% progress, you will get an additional 6th reward for your efforts.

As for next week.... Want a hint at what you need to turn in? I'll give you one. It's green.

Stay tuned for next weeks update, and make sure to check out this weeks...

Patch Notes Patch notes - 10/11/2020

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Last weeks hot fixes:
  • Disbanding groups now gives a confirmation message before disbanding
  • RTP no longer murders people who are on cooldown from a previous teleport
  • Fixed an issue with Grappling hooks being fully borked
  • Cosmetics now cost money, and the shop keepers thank us
  • Fixed an issue where players could trample farmland in someone else's claims
  • Fixed an issue with the daily server restart script not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where backpacks would bork when being renamed with an anvil
  • Fixed an issue where graves would attempt to spawn in awful places, causing major TPS issues
  • Fixed an issue where you would break your grappling hook by firing it into a nether portal
  • Fixed an issue where you could add yourself to your own claim, causing you to not be able to do anything in the claim
  • Fixed an issue with mob spawn rates being drastically lower than intended

Event The Agents of Ender - World Event

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It's been over a week since the Agents of Ender have been known to us. We've been studying, watching, and waiting to make our move; now is the time. We must recruit everyone we can, or else we'll never get to see our loved ones again. That blasted portal. How could we have trusted them, not knowing anything about them, or how they even got here. We need to take down the portal, but to do that, we have to get to it...
This week, we need your help

As the Agents of End draw closer to the outerlands, the criers have come together to have Lt. Dan hear their plea for help, and they have a plan.

Upon logging in, go speak with Lt. Dan by the giant end portal in spawn. He's been informed that the criers, a mysterious bunch of mages, have requested lots, and lots, and lots of iron to help them construct a big enough drill to go straight through the barrier; about 250,000 will be enough! Don't worry though, Lt. Dan has been granted...

Patch Notes Patch notes - 03/11/2020

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Last weeks hot fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the /pay command being able to take money from people and put them into more debt than the US has
  • Fixed an issue with a duplication glitch that occurred when placing a backpack and opening it at the same time
  • Added birch planks to the stonks shop

  • Server now automatically restarts at 3 am eastern standard time

  • Fixed an issue where you could pull entities out of other peoples claims with the grappling hook
  • Added nether wart to the auto re-plant feature
  • Added claim protections to several blocks - for a full list see...

Patch Notes Patch notes - 27/10/2020

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Well hello there! Funny to see you here, person reading this. I assume you're here because someone told you that we wrote patch notes and released them on Tuesdays? Ha! Well, that person was totally right!

First off, let's talk about the world event

The Agents of Ender, world event:

I'll get straight to the point here, we're having to delay the world event by a week due to developer time constraints and systems that need to be put into place. We want you, the players, to have the best experience you possibly can when playing our content, and we didn't feel that the content that we had was up to standards that we want to put out there for you to sink your teeth into. The Agents of Ender event will be launching on Tuesday, November 3rd (that's next Tuesday, for those of you who don't want to look at your calendars), and while I can't tell you much, I will tell you to get to farming.

Now, let's get onto the patch notes...

Announcement Welcome our new Forum Site!

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Today is the day...

The forum site is complete and usable. Many more modifications coming in the near future, but the basics are finished.

Feel free to register, create yourself an account, and get comfortable.

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